by bobo

This might be the beginning of a Semi-Irregular series ~

« Notes from Le Supermarché (grocery store) « 

It’s been 18 years since my first visit to Paris, 12 years since moving here from Los Angeles. The thrill isn’t gone.
Chills of excitement, cruising through the grocery stores, are just as strong today, as in 1994.  Have you seen the staggering selection of cheeses, duck products and yogurt in the “average” French grocery store? Ok then.

Monday, basic run to Monoprix for a few quick essentials included 3 different types of yogurt ~ mais oui ~ one for breakfasts, one for my lunch regime, and another for dessert for the kids. These are not sugary or fruity, these are plain gorgeous yogurts. This is normal.

Overheard passing through the Champagne aisle,
4 year old to his Mother: “is this juice?”.
Inside my head: Yes. YES it is.

Bonne journée! xo